1969 Cougar XR7 Convertible Restoration
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We had to take a short break for a while and finish up a 66 Mustang Coupe for another customer. Unfortunately we were told it was a quick paint job, but it turned out to be a full restore
needing severe body work, frame work, and more. This put us nearly 7 weeks behind on the Cougar. Since then, we have been chugging right along getting the remaining body panels
and small pieces prepped and ready for paint. The car was stripped down to nearly a shell when we discovered the bottoms of the rear quarters had numerous small holes hiding under
degrading paint. The bottoms of the quarters had to be cut out and prepped for replacement patches. These were ordered from West Coast Classic Cougars since the areas we needed
to repair had numerous curves, lips, and edges. Our review of these products will come shortly.

During the wait on parts, we stripped the interior of the car down to the floor and received a real shock. We knew there may be some patch work needed as when I originally tested the
strength of the floor I found a soft spot. Once the carpet came out we discovered that nearly 3/4 of the floor was unsalvageable. We are ordering a 1 piece floor and some other areas
that need attention shortly. We have begun to cut out the floor in preparation for the replacement. We were hoping to have paint on already but these two discoveries have set us back
several weeks.
More coming soon