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Our beginnings can be traced back over 100 years starting in the Blue Ridge Mountains of
West Virginia. This is where my Grandfather Brady Vickers first applied his skills toward
engineering products for dogs that were not yet readily available, while breeding and
training specialized hunting dogs. These skills were constantly improved upon and handed
down to my father. In 1978 Dark Forest was officially created and it's doors were open to
help owners and canines from all over. Continuing the tradition to this day, we have added
specialized engineering to our product lines as well as a strong veterinary background.
These skills and traditions are being passed on right now to our next generation so they too
can strive to bring you only the best in Pet care, training, education, and products available
today, tomorrow and beyond.

Today we have exceeded far beyond a simple Kennel. This is why we refer to ourselves as "The Dark Forest Group". We are a group of specialized business combined
into one family. We have one simple motto across the board........ Provide superior engineering, superior products, and superior service to all of our customers while
treating them and their pets as if they are family.
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A Lower High Content Wolfdog relaxing on a
mild summer day.

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Wolfdog info

A rescued Pitt Bull Mix posing in one of our
custom collars beside one of our custom
Sportsman Transport Boxes.

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Work Click Here
Dark Forest Designs

A rescued Miniature Dachshund.
Don't let his small size fool you. He easily
plays with the big boys.
Meet the Staff
3rd. Generation Dog Trainer
Multi Dog Breed Owner since 1972
American Wolfdog Owner since 1987
Design Engineer
I was raised along side dogs all my life and
am very passionate about them. I can't think
of a day that they are not with me. I focus all
of my experience and education toward
making owners and their animals happy.
Veterinary Technician
Multi Dog Breed Owner
Kelly is the love of my life. Meeting her was
no accident. Few are more passionate about
animals than her. She finds the time to
juggle home life with going to school,
working at a large AAHA Accredited Vet Clinic,
an Emergency Vet Clinic, and our business.
Like us, Brian has
been surrounded by
dogs from a very young
age. Hopefully carrying
the torch on to the next
generation. His
construction skills are
quite impressive. Seen
here getting kisses
from a 140+lb Wolfdog.
The eye for detail.
Quick to point out
even the smallest
things we may have
missed. Seen here
clear coating a
product for a
The Rest of the Family

A High Content Blackphase Wolfdog taking a
swim after a day at the park doing an
education seminar.

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Education Click Here
Dark Forest Kennels

An AKC Siberian Husky. As alpha, she leads
all the 4 legged gang.
Dog, Cat, & Pet Boarding, training, products
and more
Custom pet products and more
Classic Car & truck restoration, collision, paint & body, and