Our love of cars is nearly as strong as our love of pets. Our
family has always worked in the automotive industry. Past
and present GM Certified Techs., Engine Assembly Line
Workers, Body Assembly Line Workers, Body Assembly
Line Foremen, Industry Maintenance and Fabrication,
Numerous Body and Repair Shops, and even after market
accessory sales and installation.
When the first cars and Heavy
Equipment came to Boone Co. WV.,
my grandfather immediately started
tinkering with them as he loved to
build, repair, invent, and modify. It
wasn't long before the few cars around
came to him for repairs and alteration.
He soon landed a big job as
Maintenance Supervisor for the town's
large Coal Mine. Shortly afterward, he
designed and built one of the first
Shovel Trucks for the Mine System.
My father was always helping my
grandfather in his numerous projects
and repairs. He and his brothers
opened their first garage when they
were very young and it quickly became
a successful business until WWII came.
Our family sent 3 of the 5 brothers to
stand against 2 empires and all three
returned to start successful business
in 3 different corners of America. After
working in several GM assembly
plants, My Father returned to body
work and eventually returned to what
he loved best.....Running his own
garage doing body work and
I followed the family tradition of starting
young helping and learning in the
garage beside my father. Eventually
branching off on my own taking on my
own projects, as well as customer
Today Dark Forest Garage remains a
small family run garage that offers
restorations of classics as well as
customization of modern rides and
many things in between.
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