Since 1978 Dark Forest Designs has been providing you with products for your pets,
vehicle, and home. Most of our items are custom designed and made right here in our

Our beginnings can be traced back to the Blue Ridge Mountains of WVA and our
grandfather. He was a hunting dog breeder and designer of odd items. During this era
pet related items were non existent. Combining his skills provided the people of Boone
Co.  with the means to survive during  harsh and depressed  times.

This tradition continues today with an expanded line of items and services to your
Custom Leashes
Walk 2 large dogs or multiple smaller ones with ease. This system is designed to make your
adventures with your pet much simpler. Simply put on the main belt, attach the leash to you and
your dog, and off you go. This is the only system on the market that is an anti pull design.
There are cheap systems advertised as "hands free". Unfortunately they can not safely achieve this.
This is the only system currently that not only means it, but is designed with quality and safety in
mind over price.
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Dark Forest Designs
Elliston, VA 24087
Transport & Indoor Crates
Custom designed to fit any vehicle, room,  animal or budget.

Small Crates for car, suv, truck, or van                                     
Starting at $100

Medium Crates for suv, truck, or van                                         Starting at $200

Large Crates for truck or van                                                       Starting at $250

XL Crates for Truck or van                                                           Starting at $350

More info on Crates
Fencing Solutions

Containing your pet in your yard is likely the most important part of being a
responsible pet owner. Without proper fencing you pet has access to anything
dangerous and vice versa. There is no substitute for a good safe fenced yard for
them to play in.

Chain link, Woven Wire, Privacy, and electric...we can design and install it all.
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Containment Solutions

Sometimes Fencing is not an option. With proper containment a must
when you are away, other methods are available.

Pens ranging from small to large and everything in between can
compliment your house as well as keep your companion safe.
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Quick Catch Pole
Using High Grade steel reinforced plastics, plastic coated steel cable, and galvanized release unit, we have created the most durable, cost effective, and simplest catch pole
available. Unlike the commercial units at the big pet stores and online, our model shields the dog's teeth from the metal, will work into any budget, and doesn't require any
difficult twisting, turning, or second person to operate.
Dark Forest's Hands Free Leash Canine Walking System
Paracord Leashes and Collars
We know it's a forest out there. Be prepared.
Each of our paracord products are hand
braided from some of the toughest and most
versatile stuff on earth........Military Spec Nylon
Parachute Cord. Each will feature your choice
of colors with a Cobra Knot , Zipper Knot,
Cross Knot, or Solomon Bar.
Dark Forest Designs is a family run and operated subsidiary of Dark Forest LLC. We design and manufacture items right here in our own home sing our years of
education and experience to test and produce only the finest products for you.
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products from us
The Whelping Cabin
Man's best friend's should live in style too. Our Whelping Cabin features
Stained Oak Board Siding, Stained interior, Handles for easy movement,
Treated Wood Flooring and Skids, Full Framing, and a hinged roof with gas
props. The hinged roof makes it easy to clean and check on momma and her
puppies. We use a premium 5 year stain inside and out for durability (your
choice of colors).

Other options include:
Planed finish
Metal roof to reduce weight
Various sizes to fit your Dog's needs
Interior Whelping partitions
contact us  for any other ideas or options needed
Whelping Cabin Pictured   $290
32x32x28 delivered locally

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