1969 Cougar Baseline Restoration
Though difficult to find now 45 years
later, the Baseline 1969 Mercury
Cougar makes a great platform for
restoration. This particular car was
originally intended to be a parts car for
another restoration. However, after
closely looking the car over, it was too
complete and in good condition. We
simply couldn't bring ourselves to part
it out.
Stage 1
Assessing what we have:
As the pictures below reflect, this is a very complete running and driving low mileage car with little rust and
wear. It is a base model cougar so it did not come with all the fancy scoops, spoilers, and big blocks. However
being a Mercury cougar it has numerous standard features and luxery's over many other muscle cars of it's
time. Also being a base model, it would not devalue it to add flair.
More coming soon
This is the image story of our journey to bring this classic back to
the streets looking better than ever.
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Stage 2
Formulating a plan:
Since this is a base model, we have opting to give it some flair and a touch of modern. Unless someone purchases this before we begin, or orders it restored differently, it will be brought
back as a near Eliminator Clone. This will add the spoilers to the body to give it an aggressive look. We will likely add the hood graphic/stripe as well but doubtful we will add the eliminator
lettering or side stripe and opt for a more modern approach. The engine will get a few upgrades like a 4bbl Holley and aluminum intake as well as upgraded ignition. We are also thinking
about going ram air as well. The interior will get refreshed but remain mostly stock likely getting a tach, center console, and more comfortable and modern front seats. A few parts have
already been ordered and will soon arive so stay tuned for more.
Here is a couple of parts I picked up in Carlisle Pa. this past weekend at the Ford Nationals
car show/swap meet. The trunklid looks rough but other than paint issues it is solid with no
rust or holes. The aluminum valve covers will go with the underhood scheme I have
planned and I couldn't pass up a gauge cluster that nice. I just wanted a tach but that
cluster is much nicer than the one I have in the car so............