The American Wolfdog
North American Man's second companion.

So you are interested in Wolfdogs?

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Special Needs of the Wolfdog
Wolfdogs are a very "special needs" canine. Due to these needs they are not for everybody.

Legalities   Are Wolfdogs legal in your area? Most places consider these dogs exotic and impose regulations or restrictions on ownership.
Failure to follow your state and local guidelines will result in your animal being confiscated, you being fined, and facing possible criminal
charges. Visit the following links for state regulations concerning Wolfdogs.
State Regulations pertaining to Wolfdogs
State Regulations pertaining to Hybrid Animals

Afterward, check with your county, city, and town board of supervisors and Animal Control Officers to ensure there are no local restrictions         
as well

Will your Home Owner's Insurance allow you to have them? Due to the growing number of bad pet owners, many insurance companies
have imposed restrictions on policies concerning pets. In some of these cases owning particular breeds or kinds of pets contrary to
your policy's guidelines can void your entire policy. If you finance your home, this could jeopardize your financing contract, putting your
home into foreclosure. Prior to adding a pet to your family, check with your existing policy to ensure compliance. You do have options if
you face restrictions that seem excessive. It is always a good idea for any pet owner to shop policies the first time as well as periodically
to ensure you and your pets are safe. Remember insurance companies are businesses that serve you not vice versa. If the policy
seems or becomes out of line, let them know you are prepared to take your business elsewhere.

Do you have adequate containment? No dog should be allowed to roam free. Dogs with higher prey drives like Wolfdogs should be kept
in an area separated from unsupervised contact by other people, children, and animals. This drive does not mean they are killers. It
is simply the genetic make up of the dog that make it want to do things like give chase to a moving object. Many breeds of dogs have these
drives. This is why it is important not to allow them to roam freely and do as they wish. We here at Dark Forrest receive dozens of calls each
year where owners are or have faced loosing their dogs, fines, and criminal charges because they failed to provide adequate containment
for their dogs.

Wolfdogs are very physical and high energy canines. This means that they are capable of feats many other dogs may not be. Just because
your fence contained your Cocker Spaniel doesn't mean it will contain a Wolfdog or other breeds. A Wolfdog can easily jump a 6' fence
without breaking stride. They can also tunnel their body length in just over an hour. Due to their teeth and jaw strength, they can also chew
through light gauge metal or wood fencing if they see something on the other side that they want. A Wolfdog is a very intelligent dog.                  
Sometimes displaying problem solving intelligence. Due to this it is recommended to think your new containment out thoroughly. Adequate     
containment for a Wolfdog will likely include 8'+ tall fencing or kennel with dig proof flooring. A roof on a pen may reduce the fence height. 4'      
Chain link fencing around your house is NOT adequate. Tethering (tie out) alone is NOT adequate. Keeping them inside while you are gone     
is not only NOT recommended, but NOT adequate.

Here at Dark Forrest containment design and construction is our speciality. We would be pleased to quote and or build a containment that
compliments the look of your home and keeps your pets safe their entire lives. Please feel free to contact us with any of your containment

4. Do you have adequate time? Wolfdogs are a very social canine. They need lots of love and attention daily. We recommend a minimal of 3
hours a day (weekday) of either close exercise (with you and your family) or socialization time with you and your family. Weekends will
require more (approx 4-5 hours minimal per day). These are the recommended minimal requirements to have a happy, healthy, and
well behaved Wolfdog.

Wolfdogs also need socialization with the outside world. Wolfdogs are very skittish and timid by nature. They do not naturally like strange
places, people, and things.
Due to this Wolfdogs are terrible watchdogs. Not socializing your Wolfdog to the outside world will result in a
dog that is extremely fearful of everything at and away from home. This can create many many dangerous situations that may harm you,
your dog, and others. We recommend taking your Wolfdog everywhere you go and as often as possible. Let them see and interact with
everything and anyone. Remember, Wolfdogs are not lamps. They should NOT be purchased just to "have" or stored at your house                    
somewhere. They are intelligent animals that want love and attention. By becoming an owner it is your responsibility to provide ALL                    
necessary things to them not just food and water.

Do you have adequate funds?  Dogs are not cheap pets. Wolfdogs are even more expensive to own. Purchasing a well bred Wolfdog
can cost  you between $500-$2000. Please see below before looking for a breeder. Prior to purchase your new bundle of joy will
need  adequate  containment as described above. Depending on what you currently have, this could likewise cost you $2000 or more.
Wolfdogs do not eat cheap either. Depending on content range, they will likely need a premium high meat based protein kibble and/or
meat  supplement. A single Wolfdog will likely cost you $20-40/week in food alone. Then there will be Veterinary costs. A healthy canine needs
periodic vet visits, vaccines, and check ups to remain healthy. In a perfect world dogs would never get sick, old, or leave us. However this
is not the case. A Wolfdog is susceptible to all normal canine illnesses and diseases.

Have you properly researched all other aspects of a Wolfdog? Prior to doing something important, you study first correct? When you
took your Driver's Exam, you studied first and even practiced right? In school you did much of the same for a test. Why was this important?
The answer is because of the lives, safety, and income of yourself, future family, and others around you are extremely important and you will
be responsible for them. We describe owning a Wolfdog as being the closest thing to having a child. If you can not envision yourself having
a child, then we would NOT suggest looking into a Wolfdog.

Wolfdogs are closely related to many other breeds. They can however possess many features and behaviors that these other breeds do
not have. It is important to study these prior to getting one so you can prepare yourself for training, diet, interaction, and more. The best
method of study will be hands on. If you are close to us, we would be happy to give you first hand experience. Another way is to volunteer
at a local Wolfdog rescue or Sanctuary. There are many of these all over the country. For a contact in your area please contact us.

Suggested Wolfdog Pre Ownership Reading Material:

Living with Wolfdogs by Nicole Wilde            

Wolfdogs A-Z by Nichole Wilde

Both books can be purchased from or from Full Moon Farm. Proceeds from purchase at FMF will benefit needy Wolfdogs
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Still With Us so Far??
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Wolfdog Breeders
Don't Be Fooled!!!!
There are not that many good Wolfdog breeders in America. It is very doubtful that there is one near by you. Good Wolfdogs are not sold in the
back of trucks, on the side of the road, at flea markets, e bay, craigslist, ect. Most  good breeders do very little advertising at all to the general

So what does this mean to a new buyer? It means that a new buyer is much more likely to purchase a Husky, GSD, or other sled dog mix with
no actual wolf content rather than an actual Wolfdog. If this is what you want, these can be adopted from the SPCA and shelters everywhere
for $100 or less.  Purchasing dogs like this from bad breeders have serious consequences to the actual Wolfdog. If you are interested in and
love Wolfdogs, why support someone that misrepresents or lies about their animals? If you truly want a Wolfdog, then you should really start
your research early. A good purchase isn't a quick process.

Why purchase when you can adopt? Many Wolfdogs fall victim to uneducated buyers or bad owners each year. Whether the circumstances
are neglect, abuse, the buyer not being prepared, or other reasons, many good Wolfdogs find themselves without a home often. Most of
these animals will make great companions in another home. In many of these cases the animal will have it's background and content
checked, manners and social skills worked on, and possibly even vet work done. Honestly, you can't really do much better than that. Below
are links to Adoptable Wolfdogs and Wolfdog Sanctuaries. Feel free to contact them. Don't necessarily worry about their location as there can
be many volunteers willing to transport animals to your destination.

Click here for the list of Adoptable Wolfdogs and other pets

Rather than list off good breeders on our site, and have to constantly update them, we would rather steer you clear of the bad ones. Due to
legality purposes, we can not publicly post the names of bad breeders. However we can give you the tools to locate them for yourselves.
Please take a moment and look over our buyers form below. This should be printed and used to help you research a breeder.
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