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Below you will find some amazing
products from our friends over at
Ruffwear. They have an amazing line
up of products with fantastic style,
great pricing, and feature a lifetime
warranty. We have thoroughly tested
these products prior to carrying them
so browse and shop with confidence.
Roamer Leash
Roamer™ Leash
hand-held, waist-worn, extending         

Let your doggies roam with the Roamer Leash from Ruffwear.

This leash has an elastic core that extends, allowing you to maintain control
while your canine companion enjoys a generous range of movement.  
Ruffwear's exclusive Talon Clip™ is strong, secure and ergonomically
designed for one-handed clip in!

This leash is ideal for trail running when worn around the waist. (Sizes up to a
42" waist size.)

6.5' unextended


Ruffwear-designed Talon Clip™ is strong and secure
Talon Clip™ allows for easy, one-handed clip in to collar
Elastic core expands and contracts, allowing dogs an extra 3 to
4.5 additional feet (0.9 to 1.4 meters)
Side-release buckle allows for three handle conversions: hand-
held, waist worn, or fixed leash (clipped around tree or post)
Quick-grab traffic handle offers close control
Made with sturdy 1-inch (25 mm) or 0.75-inch (19 mm) tubular
nylon webbing
Forest Green
Glacial Blue
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Obsidian Black
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Currently we are only stocking the large 6.5' size Roamer Leashes. Small ones are available, as well as all other
Ruffwear products we do not stock, by special order or with a stock order. Please
Contact Us  for details.  
Can Be used Hands Free!!!
If you want to order more than one of
this product or more than this product,
contact us  and let us know so we can
save you $$ on shipping costs.