Dark Forest Kennels
More About our Kennels
Our facility was designed from the ground up by ourselves and some great contractors. We
combined all of our knowledge of engineering, construction, and animals to produce the safest
and most secure facility available. But we didn't stop there. We wanted it as laid back and
stress free on the animals as possible as well. What we have created and now offer is more
than just a place for your companion to stay. We offer a mountain retreat and resort.
Outside shot. Secure concrete flooring, commercial grade 8' chain
link, Double entry secure hallway all under roof. The open side
catches the summer's breeze to keep the kennels cool. Positioning of
the site also keeps the winter temperatures as high as possible inside.
Large 10'x 25' individual runs with integrated deck and doghouse.
Secure gates with double latching, and no climb walls. This is the
space your companion deserves for their stress free vacation.
Our Penthouse suite features the same great features as all of our individual
runs but is more than twice as large at 28'x 25'.
Under Construction....More Coming Soon
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