The American Wolfdog
North American Man's second companion.

Many people are shocked to learn that Wolfdogs actually predate most other breeds.
Some may be even more shocked to find out that without Wolfdogs many other breeds
wouldn't exist now at all. Scientific evidence has shown us that man's first companions
were captured and domesticated wolves. Shortly there after bred with other wild dogs &
wolves to create working Wolfdogs with purpose. Some of these descendants still exist
today in every day average homes under their official breed name.

So what is a Wolfdog?
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Dark Forest Kennels
A Wolfdog is a dog that has recent Wolf Heritage. This means that a dog that has at least one parent or grandparent that was Pure wolf or
Wolfdog up to 5 generations back is considered a Wolfdog.

Wolfdogs are not bloodthirsty killers or wild animals!! Many people falsely label things that they do not understand as dangerous. Many
breeds and types of dogs are falsely labeled as dangerous. In nearly every instance a dog attacks a person, the owner should be the one to
blame not the dog. Whether it be neglect, improper training or socialization, or lack of adequate containment, most aggressive dogs are the
product of their environment.
There aren't any bad dogs only bad owners

Wolfdogs are a special needs canine like many others. They require an owner that will adequately provide proper containment, training,
socialization, room to roam, exercise, and time throughout their entire life. If this can not be constantly provided, then a Wolfdog and many
other breeds should not be purchased or obtained.
Dark Forrest Kennels no longer breeds. Our animals are not for sale. If you are interested in obtaining a Wolfdog,
please contact us so that we may point you in the right direction or look at
Our Adoption Page
Boarding and Daycare
Let us take care of your pet like they were family. We are the only boarding kennel around featuring an VALVT, dog trainer, and
engineer on staff and on site. Safety and security are our #1 goals. We have over 60 acres of fenced secluded forest for them
to explore in a supervised manner. Our outdoor kennels provide a secure 20' x 28' play area with deck, and tons of
entertainment. Attached to this is a large, warm & cozy living quarters with room to stretch out and relax. Indoor kennels
available. Indoor small dog, cat, and special needs pet kennels available too.

Due to safety and insurance requirements, all pets will be required to have all valid VA rabies vaccinations up to date and
copies on file with us. For your safety, we also require up to date vaccinations for  Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, &
Leptospirosis . For Felines we require # Feline infectious enteritis, Feline leukaemia,  Feline herpes, & Chlamydophila. All of
the above will also need to be on file prior to boarding. For convenience, we can gather all this information for you if you
provide the contact information to your pet's veterinarian.

Daycare: $1
5/Dogs  $5/Cats
Daily Room and Board $2
5/Dogs  $10/Cats
Weekly Room & Board $1
50/Dogs  $60/Cats
Bath Brush and Nail trim available upon request.
Pet Sitting
Dark Forest Kennels is proud to offer you peace of mind while you are away. Let one of the
areas longest standing kennels care for your pet in their own comfortable surroundings. Our in
home pet sitting service will include the following:

45 minute visit to your home
Customized dog walking to the age and needs of your dog utilizing our patented and one of a
kind anti stress and high security leashes.
Pet waste removal
Food and water change out
One on one socializing with your pet
Checking and gathering your mail
Full home sweep and security check before leaving

Rates-----------$20/visit (for surrounding areas)
Special needs and sick animals welcome.
Founded in 1978, references available, LVT on staff, transportation available, on site boarding
available, and more.
Training & Socialization
These are the key to any well behaved canine. Proper training and socialization will result in a much happier and healthier life for your
dog and you. Our staff here at Dark Forest Kennels can provide one on one training or even seminars to those in need adult and child
alike. Wolfdogs and Large Breed Dogs are our speciality but not our limitations. We are experienced with handling and raising many

One on one training prices.....Please contact us
Seminar prices......Please contact us
Pet & Animal Transportation
Dark Forest offers a wide variety of Pet Transportation Services. Since we design, make, and
set up animal transport vehicles, we have a wide variety of our own ready to roll. Whether the
pet is big or small, the journey is across town or across country, We are ready to deliver your
special friend to their destination. Please contact us for more information about this service.
No pet owner should be in the dark. We provide free hands on education to the general public on proper ownership of the Wolfdog and other
canines. We are experienced with handling and raising many breeds. We cover a wide variety of topics like walking, containment, food and more.
Children really respond well to this type of education resulting from the interaction with our animals. We enjoy attending high profile events. If you
have local ones that you would like to have us attend, please contact us.
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We are not your typical boarding facility. We are a nature resort for your pets.

Many boarding facilities are founded upon the concept of quantity. The larger number a facility can take in, the more
profits they make. This means each of their kennels are very small leaving little to no space for your pet. This
eliminates the space for enrichment and constant exploration. Most typical facilities can not house 2 or more animals
in the same kennel due to the lack of space as well. However, many families have multiple dogs that prefer  being
together constantly. All of this adds undue stress to your pet during your time away.

Construction: At Dark Forest Kennels, our facility was designed from the ground up with the comfort and happiness of
pets being priority one. Each of our 10’ x 25’ kennels provide extra space for your pet to stretch out and cut loose any
time they wish. With this ample space we are able to provide each kennel with a private deck, awning, and dog house
all under a main roof.

Daily Activities: We do not just walk you pet or place them in a common area. Your pet’s time with us will be an
adventure exploring our numerous woodland trails spanning our 67 acres and one on one play time with us in our 4
acre yard.

Experience: Typical boarding facilities are owned and operated by a staff whose only real and limited experience with
animals is the time they have been operating a kennel. At Dark Forest, we began handling pets before we even started
kindergarten. Our staff includes a third generation dog trainer, and a licensed Veterinary Technician. Even our youngest
and least experienced staff member has been handling pets for over 10 years. Locating knowledge and experience like
this would require you to board your pets at a veterinary clinic where the kennels are small and the interaction with your
pet is even smaller.

Peace of Mind: Dark Forest Kennels is secluded deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains away from people, traffic, and life’s
busy noises. Here we can see each and every star and hear the crickets and owls at night. Our facility and equipment
were designed by an engineer for comfort and redundant security. We have the knowledge, experience, and skill set to
transform your pets experience with us from staying at a boarding facility into a vacation at a nature resort.
Dog, Cat, & Pet Boarding Serving Roanoke, Salem, Elliston, Shawsville,
Christiansburg, Radford, Blacksburg, and more