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Collars and Leashes
Paracord Collars and Leashes from Dark Forest Designs
High End products with Superior
quality, strength, and style
More info on Paracord Products
Collars and Leashes from Ruffwear
Great products, great value,
great warranty.
More Info of Ruffwear
Metal Buckle Gentle Leader Head Collar from Premier Pet
The finest anti-pull harness we
have ever tested.
More Info on The Gentle Leader
Easy Walk Harness from Premier Pet
The second finest anti-pull harness we
have ever tested.
More Info on the Easy Walk Harness
Hands Free Leash from Dark Forest Designs
The safest and most comfortable
leash ever designed
More Info on the Hands Free Leash
Pet Housing
Quality housing from Dark Forest Designs
Indoor and Transport Crates
Heavy Duty construction from Dark Forest Designs
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Rescue & Handling Equiptment
Paracord  Leashes from Dark Forest Designs
High strength Leashes that
double as Slip Leads
More info on Paracord Products
Quick Catch Pole from Dark Forest Designs
The affordable Catch Pole that
works and is simple to operate
More info on the Catch Pole
Gifts & Souvenirs
Paracord Bracelets, Watchbands, Leyfobs, & Lanyards
from Dark Forest Designs
More info on these
Shop with Pride. Portions from each sale are used to help needy animals.
For more details, please visit our Adoptions Page
M1K9 Collars
Military grade Large Durable collars
More Info on M1K9 Collars
Endura collars from Dark Forest Kennels
Strong, comfortable and
economical collars
More Info on the Endura Collar
Expedition Collars
Collars ready for any adventure
More Info on Expedition Collars