Dark Forest Designs
Elliston, VA 24087
Custom Transport Crates
Here at Dark Forest we believe in safety first. These days
nearly everyone puts on their seatbelt and makes sure their
kids do too before setting off. Hey who wouldn't. It's a forest
out there.......and we know!! However, many people do not
think twice to secure their pet. They are allowed to sit and
roam freely in the front or back seat of a car, the cargo area of
an SUV, or open bed of a Truck. Each year there are
numerous accidents resulting in the needless loss of pets due
to them not being properly secured. Many states consider this
to be distracted driving and a moving violation. These same
states are now adopting new laws to ensure pet passengers
are safe, secure, and unable to distract the driver.

We have always been a strong advocate for safe pet
transport. We offer a wide variety of standard and custom
transport items.
Car, Truck, Van, SUV, or anything else. We have a Transport Crate for you!!!!
The Sportsman Series
For the hunter, or traveler. These boxes are always at
the ready for an adventure. Designed and built from the
ground up to outperform the commercial competition with
standard features like:
Armorcoat Exterior
Partial or Full Insulation
Selectable Ventilation
Endless Sizing and Options
Affordable Price
Removable Partition
Stainless Latches & Locks
Lift/Tiedown Handles
Standard Sizes
46"x 48" x 25"  or   38" x 48" x25"

Custom Sizes also available

Contact us for more details.
The HD Series
Security and Safety never looked so good. Our
expanded mesh crates are right at home in the bed of a
pickup, but can easily be sized down to fit vans, SUV's
and even cars. The HD series are designed to give you
a lifetime of great service with features like :
All Steel Frame
Steel Mesh Panels
Steel Hardware
Aluminum Flooring
Collapsible Design