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Dark Forest Designs Quick Catch Pole
Introducing our New Quick Catch Pole. Unlike other commercial poles on
the market, ours is aimed at being more safe, durable, affordable, and
much simpler to operate.

Our last commercial purchased pole died several years ago. If it had not, it
was destined for the scrap anyway. It had not really worked right since it
was new. We paid a good deal of $$$$ for a product supposedly designed
for extreme weather. However, after being outside in the rain just once, it
encountered issues that even I couldn't permanently correct. I had since
been searching for a deal on a replacement, but never encountered one. A
few months ago, I happened upon a rescue scenario where one would have
been very beneficial. When I returned home that evening, I went to the
workshop and didn't leave until I had created a suitable replacement. There
was a problem though........This one turned out to be better than the
original one I purchased.

The Shaft is constructed out of High Grade Galvanized Steel lined Plastics.
This prevents it from flexing while protecting the canine's teeth if they bite it.
The cable is 400lb. test Plastic Coated Braided Steel. The Catch & Release
Handle is made of Galvanized Steel with Stainless Ball Bearing Actuators.
As with all of our products, this one has been thoroughly tested before
release. Our personal model has been launched from a moving truck at
highway speeds, run over repeatedly, and sitting outside in a month's worth
of rain with only slight cosmetic damage.
Single Quick Catch Pole   $32.00
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